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What does it mean to be a successful Korean American?

Starting in the late 60's, when Koreans first came to the US in large numbers, there were few options for achieving success in our community.

Now, as new generations of Koreans come to the US, and as 2nd and even 3rd generation Korean Americans begin to thrive in the marketplace, our definition of success is greatly expanding.

The Council of Korean Americans and the Korean American Bar Association of Chicago welcome you to a community conversation about how we are making an impact, in our economy and in society, in ways our elders may never have imagined.

Stay tuned as we grow our list of speakers as well as our community partners for this event.


Sam Yoon, President, CKA Paula Kim, President, KABA Chicago

CKA is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of Korean American leaders.
Our mission is to assert a strong, clear voice on issues of critical importance to Korean Americans and to support their full participation in all aspects of American life.