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[구인] Digital Marketing Specialist, & Python Developer [영주권 스폰]

“Streets Market” in the District of Columbia is seeking a Digital Marketing Specialist, and Python Developer to join our close-knit Data Analysis team.

 Streets Market is a grocery retail store located in the District of Columbia. We have about 13 branches and a headquarter, The headquarters ’ business is based on B2B based distribution and logistics, and Streets Market’s business is based on offline B2C.

The talents in the two fields we are trying to hire are:

9 월10-11일 워싱턴에서 통역해주실 분 구합니다. (타지서 오실 경우 교통 숙박 제공)

워싱턴 디씨에서 아래 일정에 통역해주실 분 구합니다.

타지서 오실 경우 교통 숙박 제공해드립니다.



지역: 워싱턴 디시

9월10일 10-17시

9월11일 10-12시


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